Until you could shout “Victory!” In Largo do Carmo, in Lisbon, the revolutions and paths that the Revolution took were many. Some predictable (and planned), others not so much. When the 25th anniversary of April 25th was celebrated in 1999, the former journalist of the PUBLIC Adelino Gomes (one of Abril’s reporters) worked on a supplement, in which, in addition to a remarkable reconstitution of the events of the hot days of the Revolution, Soldiers of the column of Willow Maia that overturned the dictatorship. At that time, PÚBLICO provided a reunion in Lisbon of the majority of these 240 soldiers, who were part of the column that went to Lisbon to overthrow the regime. We went to the archive to review this work and gave it another life, updating data recently coming to light, again by the hand of Adelino Gomes and now also by the lens of Alfredo Cunha, one of the photographers of April. This is the case with the discovery of the pointing wire that refused to “fire” against the tanks of the rioters on Arsenal Street. His name is José Alves Costa and he was one of the many protagonists of these lines of freedom.