When Ana Matos Fernandes was born, the Revolution of April 25 had 12 ephemeris. More than 40 years later, and with carnival feasting threatening to fall into oblivion of the younger generations, the rapper who has since been renamed as Capicua was the right bet to guarantee the desired cross-breeding that was seen last night, On Avenida dos Aliados, in Porto. With his emotive and politically engaged writing, with a recent incursion into the world of children and pro-ecologists, Capicua was the missing link between those who are too young to know what was April 25 and those who are too old to do Memory for much longer. In addition to hip hop, and the firework that, as always, popped at midnight, the crowd that filled the city’s living room was able to watch a performance of the Choir of Letters. The red carnations, of course, helped fulfill the tradition.